How to Plan a Disney World Vacation for Groups
Thinking of planning a group trip to Walt Disney World or Disneyland sometime soon? Here is some advice to make planning the trip easier for everyone!

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Tip 5- Plan Early
Try and nail a time frame over a year out. Start detailed planning a year out. Start booking everything 5-6 months out. It’s a good time to decide the money rules.

Tip 4 – Communicate!
Keep a centralized and all inclusive channel of communication open, aka start an e-mail chain with everyone! Offer as many details as possible so people can have an easier time making decisions.

Tip 3 – Share Info!
Have a transparent hub of information. Start and keep a Google Doc or shared spreadsheet with all of the plans and details on the trip, including dates, flights, and costs. Giving everyone in the group this information to reference will help THEM make decisions which in turn will help YOU make the trip happen.

Tip 2 – Be a Leader!
Be a leader. It doesn’t mean you have to try and be “the boss”. If you wait for everyone to just come to a decision, nothing will happen. Make suggestions. Offer dates and plans and then go from there.

Tip 1 – Be Cool
Keep it loose. A group trip does not mean everyone has to do everything together the entire time. Plan a few full group meals/activities, but also leave plenty of free time for people to go their own way and explore. Be ready to improvise in the end because all of those people and all of those details mean some are bound to change.

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