How to plan team capacity using Team Vacation Planner Excel Template
In this video, we see how we can use the Team Vacation Planner Excel template to calculate team’s capacity (availability) over a planning period.
The template can be downloaded from

For step by step instructions on how to use the template, please visit

We will go over each sheet in the file and demonstrate how the template works.

The template will calculate number of employees available on a day and compare with number of employees needed. This is done by taking into account vacations planned by employees. This will help us identify if there are any days where we are understaffed. By planning ahead of time, we can take actions to remedy the situation.


Customize to suit your company’s needs
Any planning Period of up to 1 year
Any number of company holidays
Each employee can have different availability
Demand (Employees Needed) can be set differently by weekday
Employees can have different employment periods
Automated capacity calculations
Calendar view of Employee and Team Availability
Monthly Summary Report
Easy and organized data management


Improved data management
Save precious time
Automated Report and Calendar
All within familiar Excel – Easy to learn and extend

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