Top Ten Tips for Travelers

Valid passport and visas,

Make unquestionable you have an employed, valid passport and visas, if obligatory. Also, before you go, fill in the spare info page of your passport!

Read the Consular Information,

 Read the Consular Information Sheets and any Travel Warnings for the countries you plan to visit. (Look at the end of this listing for where to find Consular Information Sheets).

Familiarize yourself with local laws,

 Familiarize yourself with local laws and customs of the countries to which you are traveling. Remember, while in a country, you are subject to its laws!

Make 2 photocopies of your passport,

Make 2 copies of your passport ID page. This will ease spare if your ID is lost or taken. Leave one copy at home. Carry the other with you in a distinct place from your passport.

Copy of your itinerary,

 Leave a copy of your route with family or friends at home so you can be communicated in case of spare.

Notify by phone,

 Inform by phone or list in person with the U.S. delegation or embassy upon arrival.

Luggage unattended,

 Don’t leave luggage unattended in local zones. Don’t receive parcels from outsiders.

 Don’t be a target,

 Don’t be a target! Avoid visible sartorial and luxurious jewels and don’t transmit extreme quantities of money or needless praise cards.

Avoid violating local laws,

 In order to avoid sacrilegious local laws, contract only with official agents when you conversation money or purchase painting or antiques.

Get into trouble,

 If you get into worry, contact the U.S. Diplomat!

The Department of State issues Consular Information,

The Department of State issues Consular Information Pieces for all nations of the world. They describe rare entry or money rules, fitness circumstances, the corruption and safety state, party-political turbulences, parts of unpredictability, and medication consequences. In over-all, Consular Information Pieces do not give information. In its place, they describe circumstances so that travelers can make informed choices about their trips.

In some dangerous situations,

However, in some unsafe circumstances, the Department of State indorses that Americans submit all travel to a nation. In these bags, a Portable Cautionary is delivered for the nation, in adding to its Consular Information Piece. There are many ways to admission Consular Information Pieces and Portable Notices:

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